Best VPN Dubai working in UAE – Fast & Legal – TOP VPN in 2022

The best VPN Dubai and UAE secure fast and available for all devices. Unblock websites, Netflix and WhatsApp or other services with VPN Dubai – simple and legal. We show you how to use a VPN for Dubai and UAE.

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, and it is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates. If you live in Dubai, you already know there are lots of websites that are restricted in Dubai and the UAE. The UAE also restricts access to many VPNs, but people in Dubai still need access to unavailable content. To access the content, you need to have the best VPN Dubai, this article will analyse the best VPNs available in Dubai and the UAE and how well they will serve you.

VPN Dubai Top 5 provider

Express VPN – Best VPN Dubai for its speed, security, and reliability
CyberGhost – Specialized VPN UAE servers and strong privacy protection
NordVPN – Super-fast and reliable privacy features
ProtonVPN – Basic features but reliable and secure
AtlasVPN – Protect your privacy on all devices

Protect your data with a VPN Dubai provider

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Protect your private data now with VPN Dubai and get access to all websites in Dubai and the UAE.

Why do you need a Dubai VPN?

Online safety isn’t something you can take lightly because every time you use the internet, your data is in danger. Huge corporations are waiting on the wings to access your data, and apart from these corporations, there are hackers who would like to compromise your system and steal your data. You could also submit yourself to the authorities when using the internet. In Dubai there are strict policies on internet usage and certain websites are banned because of the country’s strict laws.

You can mitigate all these safety concerns by choosing to use a VPN connection. A VPN connection encrypts your data to prevent cybercrime, hides your data, helps you access files worldwide, and avoid ISP throttling.

VPN Dubai best 5 VPN providers with all benefits

How to choose the best VPN for you

When it comes down to choosing a VPN, you are the one who has to look for something that fits your profile. The best VPN depends on your personal needs and preferences.
First you have to identify your priorities; it means you have to know what you want before purchasing a VPN. In Dubai, keeping your information secure is the primary target is the first thing you should think about. If you want VPN Dubai you need to look for a security focused VPN and balance it with what you would like to view on the internet. Entertainment is another aspect but all VPN networks offer the best of both worlds.

You need to define your purpose and know how you are going to use your VPN. If you a traveling you need to choose which VPN is suitable when traveling. You also need to look at the number of devices you need connected to the device. Once you define your purpose you can focus on the features that will help you achieve your goals.

You also need to look at your budget and decide which VPN will suit your budgetary needs. If you need to save money there are subscriptions in place to help you finance your VPNs.

Express VPN best VPN Dubai for its speed, security, and reliability

Express VPN is one of the best VPNs in the world because of its incredible speeds and strong security. If you want the best VPN UAE, Express VPN should be your first pick. Its lightway protocol gives the VPN more speed and consumes fewer resources than others.

The good thing about express VPN is you can switch protocols after activating the application. From there, you can choose the best protocol for your network. The lightway protocol gives a base speed of 53.34 Mbps and averages 49 Mbps. The speed decrease is expected and significantly less than other VPNs in the market.

Express VPN is the top choice because of its industry-leading security features, its great streaming and torrenting speeds, and its dedication to keeping your online activities private.

Express VPN: Perfect for streaming on all devices

Express VPN has over 3000 servers in 94 countries, making it easy for you to connect to the VPN and enjoy content from anywhere in the world. Express VPN Dubai will allow you to stream and enjoy watching the shows you prefer. You may never experience overcrowding because of the multiple servers, meaning your VPN Dubai network will not buffer. Its reliability will keep your location safe from detection because the IP address might be flagged if any overcrowding occurs.

The Smart DNS feature MediaStreamer can help you stream on more devices like gaming devices and smart TVs. The DNS feature allows you to stream on devices that don’t support VPNs. It doesn’t hide your internet traffic but allows you to watch overseas content.

User friendly and packed with features

Express VPN applications are easy to use and install on your devices. Once you install it on your PC, you only need to click “connect” to turn on your VPN. You need to have a stable internet connection to access the VPN properly. Express VPN is sleek and simple, and you can access the service as a browser extension which gives you access to the full VPN and not just proxies.

Express VPN has a split tunnelling feature that enables you to choose which apps use the VPN and which don’t. It is an essential feature for VPN UAE because there are a lot of restricted websites.

Express VPN allows P2P sharing across its network allowing users to share music, videos, and documents. It also facilitates online telephone conversations and playing online games. The P2P feature allows VPN UAE users to form a network and share digital files. When you want to download a file, P2P sharing allows you to download the files quicker because the file is already in the servers.

Express VPN allows only five devices at once after subscription, while others offer ten or unlimited connections. Five devices could be enough when using Express VPN Dubai and you can still share a subscription with a friend if both

Top Notch security and Privacy Protection

Express VPN keeps you safe from online threats and protection against DNS, IP, and Web RTC leaks. Your internet traffic when using Express VPN Dubai will be successfully routed through the application and your real location will not be exposed. Express VPN aims to protect individual VPN users and not companies. Companies could track employees using the business VPN but Express doesn’t support its use.

An automatic kill switch prevents your data from leaking if your connection fails. You get cut off from the network until you reconnect to the network. It is one of the most important features because it is a common occurrence due to power outages.

Express VPN has one of the strongest encryptions available making it hard for skilled hackers to access your data. (AES 256-bit) paired with SHA512 hashing and a 4096-bit RSA key. These encryption keys offer an extra layer of security; your data would still be safe even if the encryption keys were discovered.

Express VPN uses TrustedServer technology which are RAM only servers that delete your data after every reboot. Most VPNs store data on hard drives and when using VPN Dubai that feature may compromise your data if you don’t manually delete them. TrusterServer technology ensures that the servers are automatically updated, keeping your data safe.

Express VPN ensure that privacy is their top priority and the strict no-logs policy ensures your data is safe and cannot be manipulated by third-party sources. Express VPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, a privacy-friendly location and they are required by law to store your data.

The Express VPN works in extremely censored regions like China. If you want to use VPN UAE you need to read up on the relevant laws in the UAE.

Great Discounts and Reliable Guarantee

Express VPN is a bit more expensive than other VPN providers, but they offer discounts and sometimes free months of service. If you want to enjoy Express VPN UAE sign up for a one-year plan and get an additional three months for free.

Express VPN has a 30-day money back guarantee, this gives users the chance to test its efficiency. It’s an important aspect of the Express VPN Dubai because customers get to enjoy a risk-free assessment of the VPN before buying a premium package.

CyberGhost -Specialized VPN UAE servers and strong privacy protection

CyberGhost VPN is one of the best VPNs in the market because of its all-round nature. CyberGhost VPN has optimized servers that makes it the perfect choice for accessing streaming sites. Each server is labelled according to the platform it works best with, and you can find them on the left-hand panel.

CyberGhost VPN is a trusted VPN Dubai provider due to its reliable IP and DNS leak preventions. Its headquarters in Romania gives CyberGhost VPN Dubai users a safe space to conduct their internet duties. You can access Netflix using USA servers and enjoy a stable connection with zero buffering.

CyberGhost servers are easy to find on the app and offer specialized gaming and torrenting servers. For gamers it gives you a layer of anonymity and allows you to play games on your console without the possibility of tracking. For movie lovers, torrenting service guarantees strong security and fast downloads. When using CyberGhost VPN Dubai you should choose a nearby option because the servers display its distance from your nearest location. Choosing the nearest options allows you to download larger files in a few minutes.

CyberGhost offers the best privacy and security

Data security and privacy is one of the reasons people in Dubai prefer using VPNs. CyberGhost ensures your data stays private, and it is reinforced by its Romanian roots where local laws don’t require the company to disclose your data. A no logs policy also keeps your data secure and ensures your information isn’t stored. CyberGhost has NoSpy servers managed by CyberGhost employees. Using these servers ensures the UAE cannot intercept your data.

The extra security layer ensures you are protected from cybercriminals and other threats. The AES 256-bit encryption, DNS/IP leak protection and a kill switch are the CyberGhost security protocols that enable you to use CyberGhost VPN UAE without any hitches.

A kill switch ensures that your data is blocked immediately your internet connection doesn’t work. Once the kill switch is activated, you will get an email notification from CyberGhost informing you of the block until your internet is restored. The kill switch feature ensures your data is safe even from accidental leaks.

OpenVPN and WireGuard are leading security protocols on CyberGhost which offer a balance of security and speed that makes it the best option for your internet needs. You need to go to the “VPN” tab and tap “VPN Protocol” then select WireGuard and connect to the VPN, the same goes for OpenVPN.

CyberGhost is easy to use and has speedy connections

User friendly apps and interfaces are why people prefer using CyberGhost VPN Dubai. It is easy to adjust the features on the VPN to your desired security levels. There is a built-in content blocker that allows you to prevent ads and trackers that might compromise your internet use and devices.

The Smart Rules feature allows you to customize when the app should protect your internet traffic. Smart Rules lets you set specific behaviours to your VPN such as how it should connect on start-up or what the app should do in case of an interruption. Smart Rules features also save you click time because it helps automate CyberGhost.

CyberGhost is a fast VPN service that allows you to download games and movies without interruptions. It’s global server coverage enables you to connect to any server and use the location as you please. You can switch servers until you find the fastest connection.

Minor hitches with CyberGhost include, it’s inability to function in highly restricted countries such as China and the UAE. So, if you need to access CyberGhost VPN UAE you might be in for a long ride.

Affordable and Extra-long guarantee

You can pay for CyberGhost subscription using cryptocurrencies and you can have a one-day free trial if you wish to test the VPN. CyberGhost is available for $2.29/month for its longest plans. It also offers shorter plans but they are a bit more expensive. The 3-year plan is best suited if you want to save as much as possible.

CyberGhost VPN has a 45-day money back guarantee and you can use a live chat to talk with customer support to request a refund after 30 days. The customer support representatives are quick with their questions and they give you accurate feedback.

NordVPN super-fast and reliable privacy features

NordVPN is one of the biggest companies in the VPN industry and it is adored by customers because of their services. NordVPN is also super-fast and has impressive features that are easy to use. Its location in Panama, a privacy-friendly country offers customers security and privacy features.
Panama falls under the surveillance alliances, so the UAE government cannot force NordVPN to release their data. Depending on a VPNs headquarters, a government may ask the companies to release customer data to aid in criminal investigations.

NordVPN offers customers minimal logging, and when you set up the VPN, the data goes to NordVPN, not the internet service provider. If you don’t use NordVPN the internet service provider will sell your data to ad agencies and the government without your consent.

NordVPN keeps track of the basics like email, payment information, and customer service chats. To keep IP addresses private, NordVPN assigns a number of IP addresses to different server locations. Users cannot use an occupied IP address, which is an important factor in increasing privacy.

The perks of monitoring normal user activity give NordVPN the chance to analyse customer usage and look for ways to increase customer satisfaction for its users. The data collected from NordVPN will not be sold to third parties as it will be useful in improving their features. NordVPN has been audited by reputable institutions and these companies have found no vulnerabilities to their systems because the VPN is secure when it comes to data.

NordVPN is a super-fast VPN service and is one of the most favourite VPNs to torrent on because of its impressive download speeds. You can indulge in as much online content as you want.

NordVPN uses the kill switch feature which is common among VPN networks. It comes in handy when you experience interruptions when you’re downloading files. The kill switch acts swiftly by stopping any internet activity by stopping all apps on the device. However, it is abit inconvenient because you have to start the download again but there is nothing more important than privacy when using VPN Dubai.

Servers Around the Globe

NordVPN has almost 5,500 servers in 59 countries and they will increase the servers as time passes. There will always be a Nord server close to you wherever you are in the world. The closer you are to a server the faster the connection. If you want to use VPN Dubai you have to check which server is nearest to your location.

Strong Encryption and Internet Protocols

Nord VPN keeps data away from third parties so that no one knows your online activities. NordVPN uses AES with 256-bit keys the same encryption that governments and other multinational companies use for safety.

NordVPN ensures safe connections to its servers, the VPN uses IPsec and IKEv2 which are internet protocols used to shield the IP addresses from discovery. The internet protocols would come to good use when your internet connection is interrupted when switching from Wi-FI networks to mobile data or mobile hotspots.

Split Tunneling and Double VPN

NordVPN encrypts data automatically and routes it through a secure server which is a full-tunnel mode. NordVPN also offers split tunnelling, allowing more traffic to pass through the VPN servers and others to pass through unencrypted servers. Split tunnelling benefits your devices because all your apps will not be routed to one server. If you had a weather app and Netflix in Dubai you would need the weather app on your normal servers and Netflix using VPN Dubai.

NordVPN uses a double VPN, meaning data goes through various servers to get numerous layers of encryption. The concept is known as server chaining and if a hacker got through one layer of encryption, they would have another one to deal with. Most VPNs use one server but having NordVPN gives you the assurance that your data is safe from manipulation.

NordVPN Speed and DNS leak tests

NordVPN is a versatile option no matter the device, however certain aspects differ. These aspects include; ping difference, upload speed with or without VPN, upload speed difference and download speed difference. NordVPN uses NordLynx protocol an adaptation to the Wireguard protocol which averaged faster download speeds than OpenVPN protocols.

Domain Name System (DNS) is a directory that converts domain names to IP addresses. When you type in a name on your browser, the online traffic goes to the right IP address.

Subscription Options

NordVPN has a straightforward pricing structure with all the options having the same features but the pricing differs according to the length of the subscription. NordVPN offers £3.29 a month for a two-year package. The two-year package provides better savings since shorter contracts have a bigger price. Monthly plans are suited for people who want to rethink their VPN choice hence the steep prices.

NordVPN doesn’t offer a free trial period but does offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Those with issues with NordVPN can contact customer support through live chat, email or go through the frequently asked questions and get an answer that could solve your issue. NordVPN doesn’t provide a phone number when there is a dispute, but there are plenty of resources on the support page.

ProtonVPN- Basic features but reliable and secure

ProtonVPN is a basic VPN provider for more than 64 countries worldwide. ProtonVPN has more than 1,746 servers and its numbers are only growing. In terms of distribution, it’s above the 50-country average. Having these many locations is good because you can find a server near your location.

The VPN can unblock streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. ProtonVPN boasts one of the best free subscriptions in the market. So, if you are in the UAE ProtonVPN would be a suitable choice if you want to catch up with your favourite shows.

Strong Privacy and Security Features

If you want to use VPN UAE you need to have a provider that gives your internet connection the security it deserves. ProtonVPN uses OpenVPN protocol and AES 256-bit encryption to give your devices adequate protection. ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland, a country that has a no-logs policy. The information used on your devices will not be stored and sold to third parties. The government will not be able to request for any information about your online activities due to the Switzerland’s data protection laws. Having the VPN in a regressive country like the UAE doesn’t circumvent censorship but it provides security and privacy to the users.

ProtonVPN uses Secure Core servers which are safe servers located in Iceland, Switzerland, and Sweden. Once your route your internet traffic through the Secure Core servers and then other VPN servers before the data reaches its destination. If someone has access to one of your servers, they will not see where your data is coming from. For VPN UAE connection it is a safe protocol which ensures your data is safe from tracking.

Multi-hop feature enhanced by the Secure Core feature adds an extra layer of security by chaining two or more VPN servers together. It is better than using a single-server VPN connection which could be susceptible to breaches.

Useful Features and a Limited Free Plan

You can connect ProtonVPN with up to 10 devices with the same account. If you are with your family in UAE, it would be a suitable VPN because of the number of devices allowed on the network. ProtonVPN has a unique profile that’s easy to use and allows you to personalize it to your own style.

When you want to download files, you can choose the PSP optimized servers and select the protocol you want. You can select the “torrenting” option on the application to allow downloads.

The free ProtonVPN version has free unlimited data but you need to watch ads to use the VPN. However, the free version does not allow torrenting and access to internet traffic from restricted areas. The free VPN servers are located in only three countries, Japan, Netherlands and the USA. If you want to use VPN UAE you need to opt for the paid plan to enjoy its full benefits.

ProtonVPN recently changed its look but if you were paying for the previous version, you get to keep your previous rate. Once you pay the premium package you get access to the Proton mail features, space on the Proton cloud drive and the Proton calendar.

ProtonVPN has speed classifications for its subscription tiers but they are estimations depending on the number of users. On the flip side, there are no speed variations for ProtonVPN users. The speed depends on the usage because free tier users are more than premium users. Premium users also have more servers which makes it faster than free tier subscription.

ProtonVPN beats a lot of competitors who offer similar features. They have lower costs than NordVPN. If you are in UAE, and you wish to purchase VPN DUBAI ProtonVPN premium package you should use the short-term subscription. It is prudent to use the short term and see how it works because the UAE is a geo-restricted area.

The VPN plus tier is less crowded since it is reserved for paying customers and people tend to flock to the free tier section because of the free perks. There is a higher tier for the ProtonVPN subscription which is the Proton Unlimited. It doesn’t add any new features but improves the product lineup. The Proton mail service is boosted to 15 email aliases and three custom domains.

One of the subscriptions that’s been fazed out is the basic subscription that was £5 per month. It has deprived customers of a cheaper option which has caused a migration to the free-tier service.

Customers can purchase their subscriptions through credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin payments. The ease of payment is convenient if you want to subscribe to VPN Dubai. However, ProtonVPN also accepts cash payments when directly sent to its headquarters showing their capability to be reliable and accountable.

VPN Protocols offered by ProtonVPN

There are a couple of VPN tunnels offered by VPN technology. The WireGuard protocol is among the new protocols offered by ProtonVPN. It is an open-source protocol that is examined for flaws and has the latest encryption technology. ProtonVPN uses OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) and IKEv2 in all operating systems. They are both secure options for your VPN connections.

AtlasVPN Review

AtlasVPN offers to put the world at your feet and the mobile-focused VPN is great for newbies because of its free version and its user-friendly features. It does a great job of unblocking streaming sites and keeps your browser ad-free. AtlasVPN has 750+ servers in 37 countries, it may not have the popularity and the reach other VPNs have but it does its job well.

AtlasVPN is an impressive VPN choice because of its all-round services and cheap prices. AtlasVPN supports WireGuard protocol and you can get apps for different operating systems. A SafeSwap feature changes your IP address regularly to protect your identity and some of the bonus features include ad, tracker and malware blocking.

AtlasVPN streaming capabilities

Atlas VPN unblocks most streaming websites and that’s one of the most important things to get right from a VPN service. AtlasVPN unlocks Netflix and wherever you are in the world you can gain access to Netflix, DAZN, and YouTube.

AtlasVPN has seamless optimized servers that offer fast speeds. There are minimal glitches on its networks because the VPN has no bandwidth limits. The VPN encrypts your information and prevents service providers from detecting your internet traffic.

AtlasVPN gives a separate list that’s optimized for streaming. If you have connected to your usual location you need to disconnect and connect on the streaming list provided. If the servers on the servers list work, you can remain connected because it is convenient not to switch every time you want to watch something on Netflix.

AtlasVPN subscriptions

AtlasVPN is one of the cheapest VPNs in the world with a 24-month plan of $1.89 per month. The deal protects you with a 30-day money back guarantee once you sign up. AtlasVPN has a free no-registration required plan where you can try out the service but there will be some restrictions. The free version supports only three locations: Amsterdam, New York, and Los Angeles.

Opting for a paid plan requires some shrewd business, and if you want to save money, you need to choose the long-term subscriptions. You need to be alert after making a subscription because renewals happen automatically after the first subscription. Your account needs to be loaded before the end of the subscription or else you might not get VPN protection while using the internet.

AtlasVPN Privacy and Security Protocols

AtlsasVPN uses the common WireGuard protocol, AES 256-bit encryption, kill switch and a private DNS system. Its security protocols are the same as most VPNs so it shouldn’t be any pressing privacy issues. It has rotating IP addresses, an ad tracker and ad blocker to add extra privacy.

AtlasVPN policies are quite mainstream because when you enter a website the “accept” button is the only thing you have to press when accepting cookies. The VPN uses Google Analytics, Facebook, and other tracking technologies to keep track of your internet activity.

AtlasVPN Logging

AtlasVPN has a strict no-logs policy and reiterates that they keep their client’s data private. However, the privacy policy states that some information is stored. The device type, brand name, OS version, device ID, Language, and time zone. That’s all the information they collect and judging by the list it does seem harmless. If no specific user data isn’t released then logging doesn’t happen. However, if properly audited the claims of no-logging at the VPN would tell a different narrative.

AtlasVPN usability features

AtlasVPN has a windows app that is simple and has basic VPN features. It is easy to get started because all you need to do is choose a country or city and hitting the connect button. You can choose a few other options such as “start on launch”, on or off on the kill switch and choose between WireGuard and IKEv2 protocols.

The app doesn’t have favourites or a recently used option, so it doesn’t store previous data. It is a good feature because it means the app doesn’t log your internet traffic. On the flip side, it isn’t that good because it doesn’t remind you of the sites you last visited. When searching for the country you want, you will find that they are not arranged in a particular order.

When using the free version, you might find difficulties with the connection because it is overloaded with more users than the premium subscriptions. To find the best connection you need to use the paid version to get the best out of the VPN.

It is optional to use the ad and tracker-blocking features on the app. It is a good feature since it provides an extra layer of security, but you can also install the free uBlock Origin. The Data Breach Monitor raises an alert in your email in case of a data breach.

The SafeSwap feature is an interesting feature on the app because it gives you more options. You can choose between several IP addresses at a time which scrambles your location between these three locations and helps you hide your identity. When you choose three IP addresses, your IP address changes regularly between the three locations. It doesn’t mean you are using the IP addresses simultaneously. It helps a lot of people but the fact that its only three locations can be quite worrying.

AtlasVPN supports a basic form of MultiHop VPN. MultiHopVPN routes your traffic through other servers before it gets to your destination. It helps avoid detection from your ISP; no one may know your internet activity.

The kill switch works like a charm, it blocks your internet traffic immediately the connection drops off. It blocks all internet activity unless the VPN is active. You can also disable the kill switch if you are not connected to the internet but it would be convenient to keep the option on at all times.

AtlasVPN has better features when using the mobile apps, and it outperforms the Windows apps. There is support for split tunneling on the mobile, which is useful for other apps that will not use VPN. There are other added bonuses where vibration alerts are sent to your phone when you connect or disconnect from the VPN. The locations on the mobile apps are also listed alphabetically, which is quite refreshing. Other features are the same as the Windows app, making it easier to navigate the mobile app.

AtlasVPN customer support

When experiencing any issues with AtlasVPN you should contact customer support, but if it seems like a common issue, you should look at the website for solutions. You will find frequently asked questions at the website that may point to your issue and you could get assistance.

There are also guides on the website that could touch on your specific issue. You can check out the separate guides covering the app such as; manual L2TP setup, OpenVPN setup, Microsoft Surface and Windows MediaStreamer. If you don’t find what you need AtlasVPN has 24/7 live chat support that will guide you on how to setup the application.

AtlasVPN may not have the best network or apps, but its low prices and high speeds are good for those people who would like to try out new things. If you are in Dubai, choosing a VPN connection that works for you and your devices is important. Choose something that fits your budget and protects your overall security.