How to get cheap Flights with a VPN in Dubai

It is important to note that flight charges vary depending on your location. In case you are wondering how the booking websites know your location, here is how.

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First, they can use your phone’s IP address. They can also use the cookies on your phone’s browsing history, Wi-Fi, phone’s GPS, and even through the use of HTML5. Since the prices change based on your location, you should make sure you use a Dubai VPN to find the best prices.

Tips on how you can use VPN Dubai to get the best flight prices.

1. Clear your cookies

Since the booking websites use cookies to determine your location, it’s advisable to always clear this data before trying to do your flight booking. Apart from your location, cookies help third parties to know your behaviour. For example, they will know what you like by looking at what you search for online and what you buy online.

Therefore, they can easily predict your behavior and tailor the flight prices depending on that information. By clearing the cookies, you will have denied the booking agencies a chance to know anything about you, hence making it hard for them to predict your behavior. You will get much better rates when your cookies are cleared.

2. Clear cache and browsing history

Your browser always keeps information on your online activity. For instance, if you visit a certain webpage severally, the flight prices will tend to increase. You don’t want your online activities to hinder you from getting a cheaper flight to wherever you intend to fly. For this reason, you should always ensure that your browsing history is cleared before you access the booking websites.

However, you may consider switching to incognito mode to avoid having to delete this data every time. Incognito mode ensures that no information can be obtained by the booking websites about your online activities. You can browse through different websites in this mode without any risk of data leaks.

3. Apart from using Dubai VPN, you should …

consider doing a comparison of prices between different websites. This can be difficult to achieve given the several booking websites available. Luckily, some websites do the tracking and comparison of flight prices. However, you need to find a reliable and trusted tracker to avoid getting scammed online.

4. A VPN Dubai is the most reliable method to …

find the best flight prices. This is because it allows you to change your device’s location to get the best prices. VPN Dubai or VPN UAE will encrypt the data in your device thus protecting it from malicious use by third parties. Your online safety should be your priority because you don’t know who is watching you. There are criminals all over the internet looking to steal and exploit people’s private data. You don’t want to become a victim of such cyber attacks. A good VPN Dubai or VPN UAE will detect malware and destroy it before it gets to your device.

Since flight operators use your location to customize prices, they will be using your untrue location to charge you, which will work to your advantage. VPN Dubai and VPN UAE will also ensure that your databprivacy is guaranteed and that your data won’t be used by third parties to profile and predict your actions.

The good thing about the Dubai VPN is that it is legal to use when doing your flight booking. You will not be penalized for using VPN Dubai to book as there is no law preventing anyone from using it. Therefore, you should take advantage of that and try as many times as you can until you get the most affordable tickets and travel the world.

How to use VPN Dubai to find the cheapest air tickets.

  • First, you need to have VPN Dubai or VPN UAE installed on your phone or laptop.
  • Once the Dubai VPN is successfully installed, open the VPN and select a server you wish to connect to. This server will be displayed as your device’s location. Therefore, when selecting the servers, you should choose those that are in low-income countries. This is because poor countries tend to get cheaper rates.
    Also, you should consider choosing servers in countries that are home to that airline because prices tend to be lower there.

You might as well try the destination countries.

  • Once you select and connect to that particular server, you can browse through different booking websites while noting down their prices.
  • After you are done, clear all the data, choose a different server and repeat the process.
  • You can then compare the prices for different countries and choose the best one.
    You should, however, ensure that you use premium VPN Dubai or VPN UAE because that’s the only way your browsing will be secured throughout. Your VPN must have the following capabilities for effective browsing;

I) It should offer you multiple server choices to select from. Some VPNs can be used in specific regions whereas others can be used on a global scale. You should go for one that has global coverage and is in as many countries as possible.

II) It should offer advanced data encryptions to ensure your data is securely transferred without third-party access.

III) Your VPN of choice should be able to detect when the network becomes unstable and disconnects. Most VPN data leaks occur when the network buffers hence leaving the VPN vulnerable to cyber attacks. Therefore, you should find a good VPN that will shut down or encrypt the data to avoid unwarranted access to your data.

IV) Finally, the VPN Dubai or VPN UAE must not collect your data for any use or shared it with third parties. Some VPN providers collect data from their subscribers and give it to third parties in exchange for money or for free. You don’t want a provider who will allow your data to exchange hands between unauthorized parties.

Good luck with finding the cheapest flight tickets for your future travel.