How to use WhatsApp in Dubai?

Using WhatsApp in Dubai and UAE with VPN Dubai: we show you how to use WhatsApp to its full extent without blocking, including video calling and other features. Unblock WhatsApp in UAE now easy and fast.

VPN Dubai - How to use WhatsApp in Dubai
Have you just stepped into UAE? Are you planning to use your favorite messaging to keep in touch with friends and family back home? Then you are in the right place. In Dubai and other Arab emirates cities, most VoIP services are banned. This action means if you plan to use WhatsApp to communicate via its excellent built-in voice and video services, you are not an exception to this ban.

UAE is famous for its tight internet-blocking exercise. The action makes it difficult for users to access VoIP services when they visit this place. However, there is no call for alarm, and a reliable VPN will help you visit your WhatsApp and make voice and video calls abroad. Keep reading this article to learn how to use WhatsApp in Dubai.

How to use WhatsApp with a VPN Dubai

Getting started with a VPN UAE may seem challenging and intimidating to any newbie. Little do they know the process is user-friendly. Besides, a reliable VPN provides its users with clear guidelines. These platforms are super intuitive, and users will probably know what to do next when they start.
If you are new, the following steps will guide you when you want to make a WhatsApp call in Dubai.

• Start by identifying the best VPN Dubai to unblock your WhatsApp in UAE.
• Then download and install this app on your device.
• After which, you will look out for a VPN server and connect. It is good to note- that US servers are the best choice for social media platforms. VPN allows you to go to nearby servers to offer you a lower-latency connection.
• Lastly, go ahead and enjoy your WhatsApp services.
What makes a VPN UAE reliable for both video and voice calling

To choose the best VPN Dubai, you must judge your VPN options using the following criteria.

• Opt for fast speed and higher bandwidth caps
When you opt for voice and video calling, go for a higher speed and bandwidth VPN. Be on the look not to fall for a VPN Dubai service that limits how much data you can download or send. Always opt for VPN providers who do not have a limitation on your uptime, cap your speed, or slow your connection with too much encryption. Fast speed will help you easily communicate audio and video in WhatsApp.
• Strong data protection and anti-Logging policy
Whether you are in Dubai to live or tour, the country will strive to get your information from your VPN provider. Sometimes your VPN will be subjected to direct questioning. To bypass VoIP call regulations safely in Dubai, you need to go for a provider with a robust logging policy. To succeed from local government pressure, a good VPN provider will not store any online records of what you do. Also, they do not log in to your activity and thus cannot be in a position to release any vital information about you.
• Encryptions protocols
When you live in the UAE, it is good to know that the government is strict and will flagrant you regarding personal data. That is why you should protect your data and hide the fact you are using WhatsApp. A reliable VPN Dubai has robust encryption.
• Size and number of the servers
The more a provider adds servers to their network, the more users can access IP addresses. This action makes it easy for a user to unblock WhatsApp in Dubai and download the app in the ideal language they feel comfortable.
• Anonymous payment options
If you live in a country that bars VPN use, you will need this feature to allow you to purchase and use your ideal VPN safely.
• Top-notch security
Security is another great feature you should consider when selecting a VPN UAE. A reliable VPN provider ensures their product has military-grade encryption. This action ensures even if the encrypted VPN drops, you are safe.

How a VPN Dubai guarantees you access to WhatsApp

With a VPN Dubai you are guaranteed secure and anonymous access to the web. This means you can bypass WhatsApp restrictions and blocks. Besides, a high-quality VPN will bar anyone who wants to snoop on your activity online. Also, it hides your IP address by encrypting any incoming or outgoing data.
For instance, the voice is protected by end-to-end encryption throughout the pathway in WhatsApp. In case an intruder intercepts your WhatsApp and is not a recipient, it can be decrypted even by WhatsApp. That is why VPN Dubai is safe for VoIP services.
Furthermore, when you are assigned a new IP by the particular server you choose, your VPN UAE disguises your physical location. This action makes it impossible for government agencies to spy on your calls or where you are calling from. Besides, a good VPN allows you to get around ISP speed, throttling an action that improves the quality of your calls.

Types of VPNs you can opt for in UAE.

The following are among the best VPNs you can consider using for crystal VoIP services in UAE.

Express VPN

This provider is based in the British Virgin and offers its users top-notch security when they are anonymously browsing the web and accessing blocked sites. With over 3000 VPN servers in 94 countries worldwide, UAE clients can switch and select convenient servers.
This VPN Dubai has other outstanding features, such as; encrypting your internet traffic with 256-bit encryption, split tunneling, kill switch, and leak protection. Also, it helps the user to hide their IP addresses from malicious actors when they are enjoying their anonymous web surfing,

• Fastest speeds
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Five connected devices

• Slightly expensive


This VPN provider guarantees its user with robust privacy and anti-censorship features. Also, it is known for its military-grade 256-bit AES encryption while protecting your data from third parties. In addition, the company’s no-logging policy is all-inclusive in covering bandwidths, traffic, and IP addresses.
This VPN is straightforward whether you are an IT guru or an ordinal person with basic IT skills. However, it has various advanced features, including ad and malware blockers, a built-in DNS leak test, and a kill switch.
Another feature that makes this provider stand out is its specialty in servers. NordVPN has a total of six different servers. This includes the obfuscated servers that help you hide the fact you’re using a VPN. Also, be ready for double VPN nodes that give your data two layers of security.
NordVPN has more than 5000 servers across 62 countries globally. This action means you can use any WhatsApp version you would like.
• Use a double data protection
• -Has a pocket-friendly plan
• DNS protection

• They take 30 days to process your refund


Suppose you’re looking for an ideal VPN tool to access WhatsApp video and voice calls in Dubai. CyberGhost is one of the best VPN providers whose installation is user-friendly. Also, with this tool, you will not select your servers manually. The providers allow clients to choose from six preset configuration profiles.
With more than 5900 servers in 90 countries, this OpenVPN gives the user a fast connection on WhatsApp. You can also select, download, and install any version of the WhatsApp tool. It is good to note all these services comes with unlimited server switches, unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth, and up to five continuous device connection.
The platform has a robust encryption protocol and two cutting-edge security processes used by the military. Also, the logging policy is secure as it stores no history, not even email addresses.
• Private and robust no-logs policy
• Use can use peer-to-peer torrenting
• SHA256 authentication

• Not effective in China

Wrap up

If you are a foreigner who has just stepped into Dubai, WhatsApp is one of the vital tools you will require for video and voice call communication with your friends and family back home. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is illegal in the UAE. But all hope is not since you can use a reliable VPN UAE provider to enjoy making video chats with your friends abroad using WhatsApp.